Navigating life in your twenties is hard.

With nearly four decades of combined experience mentoring young people both locally and abroad, we simply love walking alongside young men and women and helping them walk with God in these confusing times.

Jeanette and Andrew have experience in: Relationships (singleness in one’s 20s and young marriages), spiritual discernment, loving one’s neighbor and reaching the city, spiritual formation, cultural issues, career and the workplace, biblical studies and theological issues, anxiety, depression, and burnout, critical life transitions, crises of faith, and more.

In addition to personally mentoring young adults, we are also passionate about connecting you to others, helping you pursue and explore mentors at your local church, and equipping you to know how to seek guidance wherever you may land outside of RDU.

Mentorship looks different for everybody, as we all have unique time demands, desires, and ways we want to grow. Interested? Shoot us an email and let’s find a time to connect, where we can begin to create a plan of growth that is best for you.

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